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Strathcona Drug Rehab Centers, Alberta

Strathcona is a city in the Canadian province of Alberta. It has a population of over 83,000 people. It is around the center of the Alberta province. It is part of the Edmonton Census Metropolitan Area.

There are many drugs, which can be found in Strathcona such as:

  •   Marijuana
  •   Cocaine
  •   Methamphetamine
  •   Heroin
  •   Prescription drugs

Strathcona is a municipality that is part of the Edmonton Census Metropolitan Area and was designed as a specialized municipality. The drug and alcohol problems that people are witnessing in Strathcona are those that are coming from Edmonton, which always sees issues with crack-cocaine, cocaine, crystal meth, and now fentanyl. The drug and alcohol treatment resources and services for anyone who needs it will be located in Edmonton or of course Calgary, which is four hours south. When the oil industry was booming, many families had access to large quantities of disposable income, which posed an issue for those who became caught up in drugs and alcohol.

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Those are the drugs that are normally found in all the provinces in Canada and, which cause a big problem within the Strathcona population. Those can have several consequences which usually affect the families and friends of addicts as much as they affect the addicts themselves. It is often a struggle that they all have to endure. It can ruin families as the addiction often takes over. That is why it is important for people to get into drug treatment in Alberta.

Drug Rehab Centers in Strathcona

Drug recovery centers can be found in Alberta in sufficient numbers. You can find a government-subsidized treatment trough AADAC. Because funded drug rehab centers in Alberta can have waiting lists, and as such, it can be a long process to get in, there are a few private drug rehabilitation centers where someone can go, be admitted even the same day and get an excellent service to help them with their addiction. Furthermore, private drug rehab centers can be a better choice for tougher cases and people relapsing numerous times. Funded drug recovery centers will often ask for the person to call, that the individual is fully disposed to go to drug rehab and even that they are sober for a week. What does it leaves for the families that have a loved one that does not want to go to drug rehab? Private drug rehab centers have the employees to deal with such problems. They themselves, have gone through their own addiction, so they can better understand how to deal with the addicts.

There have been some instances where the Strathcona County officials found either drug dealers or drug users who were then arrested. They often sell crack cocaine and heroin to people who are addicted to drugs. However, some people don’t believe that the County officials are efficient enough where drug dealing eradication is concerning. Between 2007 and 2009, the rate of assault in Strathcona went up by 39 percent. This is a sign of just how much drug treatments are needed and wanted in the city of Strathcona.

The reputation of the neighborhood is often affected by the various reports of drugs and prostitution incidents. It affects the entire County. For example, there were 394 drug crimes that were reported in the region, which was an increase of 13 percent compared to the 2006 rates. The rates of drug crime were higher than the national average.

Drug dealers mostly target younger people. Actually, the rate of drug possession charges went up 77 percent, and the drug-trafficking charges went up 162 percent. New drug units were added within the police force of Strathcona. They are being effective in busting the dealers selling hard drugs on the streets. However, the addicts must get help and attend a drug rehab in Strathcona in order to get our streets totally drugs free.

Strathcona Inpatient Drug Rehab

The residential drug and alcohol treatment programs throughout the area are operated by Alberta Health Services, with some facilities providing privatized treatment. For too many addicts living in Alberta, attending drug rehab more than once becomes a regular occurrence. This is merely because despite having breakthroughs in treatment and learning new ways to handle sobriety, a person simply does not take full responsibility for the choices they make. Inpatient drug treatment, when done over a longer period of time can help a person with this.

Strathcona Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Outpatient drug treatment programs within the area are mostly located in Edmonton, and many of them are operated by Alberta Health Services, whereas others operate through private counseling firms for families and individuals. If a drug user has been through multiple forms for therapy and rehabilitation, it is safe to say that an outpatient rehab center may not be the best option for them. A large percentage of the drug users within this part of Alberta are men and women in their late thirties to early fifties, and they have been struggling with the problem for a very long time.

Strathcona Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

The drug and alcohol detox resources for people within this area of Alberta will be in Red Deer and Edmonton, which is in close proximity to Strathcona County. Too many Albertans who abuse drugs believe that drug detox is all they need and many of these programs continually see the same people coming through. For example, a drug user of ten plus years will decide they need to become sober; they will go through detox, perhaps remain sober for a month or less, maybe longer, but will eventually relapse again, simply because they did nothing further other than detox from the substance they were using.


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