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Alcohol Treatment Programs In Thompson, Manitoba

A beautiful city with a population of over 14,000, Thompson, Manitoba in Canada has some unseen afflictions, and of course, these afflictions are the dangers of the addictive forms of alcohol. Whether it is a teenager, who has used illegal means of procuring alcohol, or simply an unhappy person who has found comfort in the dangerous and costly temporary “comfort” that this substance provides, there are many scary and unhappy effects of immoderate consumption.

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Troubles with Drinking

While it may seem harmless at the time to have a few drinks, and take the edge off, alcohol impairs your judgment, which is why it makes you feel happier inside, and why it can be harder to stop how many drinks you have had after you start drinking. Like most other cities in Canada, Thompson MB has many of its own rehabilitation programs for citizens suffering from alcoholic addictions. The majority of which are run through the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba. The programs they offer include an impaired driver’s program, a non-residential rehab program. It is for those who want to attend rehabilitation meetings but do not need it in their own home, educational awareness programs to inform students of the dangers of alcohol addictions, residential rehabilitation programs for those who recognize the need to have help inside of their homes, school-based counseling to assist students struggling with alcohol addictions before they become a major problem in their lives, and various Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in several places across the city, meeting at different times to serve the needs of all attendees. While the majority of these programs are need-based, some of them are available to those who self-recognize a problem as it is beginning, which can really assist families before it becomes a wedge, driving families apart. Someone can also attend an alcohol rehab treatment in Manitoba anywhere in the province or even out of province in some case that a change of environment would be more appropriate.

The main alcohol treatment facility serving the city of Thompson is the Thompson Norway House, which is a part of the Burntwood Regional Health Authority, commonly known as the BRHA. The primary focus of this branch of the BRHA is to ensure that all the needs of those suffering from addictions are able to be met. The BRHA has teamed up with the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba to offer residents of this region the proper care and tools they need to overcome alcohol-related problems plaguing them and their families. Part of their strategy is information because information allows you to recognize the problem easier, and start combating it the proper way before it grows and develops into a more serious issue.

When You Want Help, It’s There.

While there is only one main Alcoholics Anonymous group meeting in the Thompson MB area, it meets every day of the week, Monday through Sunday, at various times to ensure that everyone who needs help is able to attend. If you live in Thompson, Manitoba and are in need of alcohol detox and rehab, contact us and we will gladly help you free of charge.

The information below will help you on how to find an alcohol residential rehab center in Thompson, Manitoba. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Residential Treatments in Thompson, Manitoba

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