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Tibor Palatinus

Tibor Palatinus


Tibor Palatinus is a rehab industry professional having served in many capacities in his 20 years of service. His skill sets and applications in the fields of detox, rehab and intervention came from inhouse training, continuing development courses and apprenticing with rehab and intervention professionals.

Tibor started working in professional capacities as a drug prevention education speaker. After years speaking with high school, college level and EAP workers and employees, Tibor began working directly with rehab facilities. His professional rehab and detox associations included working with professional interventionists, intake counselors and program managers.

Further along in his career he added touring multiple dozens of private and some publicly funded detox and rehab centres throughout Canada and the USA. The purpose of touring facilities is to quickly identify rehab cultures. Professional layout of centre, protocols and personnel form the rehab model. Once clearly defining a rehab model and rehab culture, making correct placement of clients into facilities is possible.

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