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What Are Some Tips to Cope with an Alcoholic?

Various tips to cope with an alcoholic could fill entire books, and probably do, but there are certain basic principles that should be respected in any situation. These include self - respect, due diligence, and acceptance of the facts. We’ll examine these factors below to get a better understanding of the issues. Keep in mind that at any time that your life or someone else’s life is in danger; the only choice is to contact the authorities immediately. Sometimes tough love is the only love left to give.

Self-respect ties in closely to the previous sentence about personal safety. When dealing with an alcoholic family member, you need to give yourself enough respect to face the problem head-on. If you don’t respect yourself, neither will your family member. When violence or abuse (whether physical or verbal) is involved, the only self – respecting option is of course to seek outside help. However, where there is a minimum of respect shown to you, then there is the chance to give some of that respect back to the person you love and see how you can help them.

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Due diligence means that in the absence of abuse and violence, you try your best to help the individual having trouble with alcohol before you bring in outside authorities. It is always better and more constructive to speak with your loved one first to see what they need from you and how you can best help them. Without this basic level of communication between you, if outside help is sought, there won’t be a strong enough foundation of trust to ensure you will have a place from which to help the suffering alcoholic.

But of course, at a certain point, there is a need to accept the facts of the situation and realize that professional help needs to be found for the alcoholic you are trying to help. Even if there is no violence or abuse involved, at a certain point you can only do so much before things become unproductive. When you reach this point in the relationship, you will definitely know it. There is no sense treading water when every day is just more suffering for both, you and the individual you are trying to help, so get professional assistance as soon as possible.

Coping with an alcoholic is never easy, but when armed with the right knowledge and attitude, there are successful ways to solve the problems and get your life and theirs back on track. Whatever your situation, remember there is help available in alcohol treatment centers and a bright future ahead of you.

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