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Vicodin Detox And Withdrawal Symptoms

Overcoming Vicodin addiction is not easy, and it does not take very long for the person to become addicted to the drug. The addiction actually alters the person’s brain chemistry. The experts state that the last thing a person should do is to try to cut themselves off from the drug. Going cold turkey can trigger some pretty severe side effects that could put the person’s life in jeopardy. Instead of just stopping, the addicts should speak to their doctors and be very honest about the length of time they have been addicted to the Vicodin as well as the amount taken daily. The doctors will use this information to create a program that will gradually wean the person from the drug.

When the doctor feels that it is safe to do so, they will urge the patient to enroll in a formal detoxification program. This is when the person completely stops taking Vicodin. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, severe nausea, insomnia, sweating, fever, increased heart rate, depression, and body pain. Based on the length of time and quantity of Vicodin taken, the withdrawal symptoms will be more severe.

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The purpose of the formal detoxification program is twofold. The first advantage of the Vicodin detox center is that once the person is in the center it is impossible for them to get their hands on any drugs. The second advantage is to have a professional and well-trained staff that will constantly monitor the addicts and make sure they do not harm themselves during the detoxification.

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