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What Are the Emotional Effects of Alcohol on Children?

Nowadays, besides adults drinking, there are many children who are drinking. They suffer the same effects as everyone else, only more severe. Their body is more fragile; they aren’t used to any kind of poison, and they are not even fully developed. The physical effects of the alcohol are obvious for everyone, and every person who drinks too much or too often will experience them one way or another.

Every alcoholic, adult or child experiences some emotional or psychological effects from drinking. They include depression, mood swings, anxiety, violent aggression and a different perspective of things. When a child drinks, all these emotional symptoms are more severe and can affect them even more, and if they don’t stop drinking, because of the fragile age they started drinking on, the damages are more extended, and may even get permanent.

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Furthermore, if they see their parents drinking, it is more likely for them to start drinking. At first if they see their parents having a drink once in a while, if they talked to them and explained the risk of alcohol consumption and how much alcohol is within limits, it may not be any problem. However, if one of the parents gets drunk frequently, is angry, nervous, doesn’t recall what he said or done while drunk, this will affect the child even more than if he drank himself. Most drunk people neglect the children, or abuse them, and this has serious repercussions. The child may consider that this is somehow a way of coping with the problems of life, and he will start drinking too, especially when he is a teenager and will get into a group of friends who want to experiment drinking. The emotional effects of alcohol on children are very serious, whether they are the ones that drink, or they see it at people around them.


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