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What Are the Long-Term Side Effects of Using Crack Cocaine?

Crack cocaine is a drug that many are addicted to. They are under the influence, and many don’t even know what it’s doing to them. If you know someone who is using cocaine, do you even know about the long-term effects that this drug can have? Many don’t. That is why we are writing this to get the word out about what you can expect from this drug as there are many things you can expect.

Due to the mood-altering that this drug has on people, the first long-term effects that we are going to touch base on are the depression that many feel when they become so dependent upon them. There are many who are disturbed emotionally because crack cocaine has done this to them. They become aggressive and withdrawn as well.

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Another thing that you find out about is that they become delirious. They might start talking to themselves. Many find that they start seeing things that aren’t really there and when it started when they would only smoke it, the more dependent they become on them, the more this happens.

Because crack cocaine affects the nervous system, there are common things that it does to the heart. Many who have used this drug for a long time have found that they have suffered from strokes and heart attacks because of the added pressure to the heart. Many also find that they have brain seizures due to the overload that crack cocaine causes. Something can be done about addiction in a good crack cocaine treatment in Alberta.

Just wait as we tell you more about what you can expect from this as there are more that you can expect from this. What are some of those things? Well, if you are ready for more, there are many both in men and women who find that they have problems with sexual function. Many women and men find that if they were thinking about having children, they might have become infertile while they were under the use of crack cocaine.

Another long-term side effect, as you might be wondering whether this list will ever end, is that many will result in having respiratory failure. If a person doesn’t stop, and they see these symptoms, you might find that in many cases, the result and the long term, and we do mean long term result, in the end, is death.

As you can see, there are many things that one can come across if they become too dependent upon crack cocaine. It’s one of the most dangerous drugs that are out there and when a person is this addicted, they might have medical conditions that all stem from this one thing that they have become addicted to. It’s something that many don’t see coming and many find that only when they have these long-term side effects do they think about the ending. However, by then, it’s all but too late. There isn’t’ anything more they can do. With this in mind, they are all but a little too late.

Reference: http://www.cesar.umd.edu/cesar/drugs/crack.asp

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