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What Are the Methamphetamine Facts?

One of the drugs that are very popular among drug abusers in Alberta is methamphetamine. In fact, a 2004 survey suggests that over 5% of the population of this large Canadian province has tried the drug at some point. Methamphetamine abuse is rapidly rising among the younger population which sees an incremental increase in the overall numbers.

Young people use methamphetamine because of two reasons. First, it is relatively easy to purchase. Whether it is speed, ecstasy, or crank, methamphetamines have invaded many cities and schoolyards. The second reason if the peer pressure factor. Many teenagers start with a drug of any kind because they want to fit in and be part of the "crowd." Usually, the drug of choice is not methamphetamines, but some other starter drug like marijuana or alcohol.

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Methamphetamines are a man-made drug. It can be easily created in a garage, basement, or small recreational vehicle. Wherever there is a small space to do the work is suitable for those who are "cooking" the drug. The ingredients are easily attainable and highly combustible. Things like alcohol, gasoline, paint thinner, ephedrine, drain cleaner, diet aids, cold tablets, iodine, rock salts, battery acid, and acetone are just a few of the common items that can make up the methamphetamine that someone may be taking.

Not only is the drug a highly addictive substance, but it is very volatile may making it. Hundreds of injuries and deaths, in Alberta, are through people "cooking" their own methamphetamine drugs. People who are making the drug for the first time, or do not know the correct way to mix the many different ingredients, not only harm themselves in the process but also cause serious damage to those who take the shoddily prepared drugs.

Addiction to methamphetamine is very common in those who try it a few times. The neuro-sensors in the brain secrete a chemical as the drug is administered. It gives the user a certain feeling of euphoria, invincibility, and confidence to do anything. Once the chemical dissipates, the body reacts by wanting more of the drug in the system. Many abusers are into "tweaking" or "binging" on the drug. This basically means that they are continually using the drug for a constant influx of the "rush."

This tweaking or binging is very dangerous as an overdose of methamphetamine is usually fatal. There are also complications when a bad batch of the drug is taken while binging. Serious medical problems like heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure can all be caused by taking meth continually.

Treatment of methamphetamine abuse in Alberta is starting to take a new approach. Today, many therapists are looking at the psychological aspect of the abuser. When looking at this, along with taking care of the medical problems, and keeping the user out of the environment where they can receive the drugs, the chances of success are drastically increased.

Many treatment facilities offer long term, inpatient care for methamphetamine abuse because it is so addicting. If there is the possibility of someone being addicted to methamphetamine, then it is imperative that they receive treatment immediately.



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