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What Are the Physical Effects of Alcohol on Children?

Nowadays, there are more and more people using alcohol, most of them adults, but sadly, there are some children who start consuming alcohol. When this happens, they are four times more likely to become alcoholics later in life that those who don’t start experimenting at such early ages. Still, addiction is not the only problem a child can have from using alcohol. There are several physical effects that can appear on children, more than they would appear in an adult person.

One of the effects of alcohol consumption among children is depression. After consuming alcohol, a child’s system becomes depressed, both physically and mentally, and this depression appears when he loses the sense of self-control. Another problem will be the increased motor function, the child becoming clumsy and uncoordinated, and may suffer all kinds of accidents.

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A very serious effect of alcohol on children is brain damage, making the child forgetful and confused. Visual impairment is also an effect of alcohol consumption when the perception is altered, and the child will have difficulties in seeing correctly or will start seeing things that aren’t there. Alcohol also affects the reflexes, making them slow. Because of the physical depression of the body, the reflexes of the child will get slower.

It is known that alcohol consumption irritates the esophagus, the stomach lining, and the small intestine, causing nausea and vomiting. And after using alcohol for a long time, the liver will suffer several damages, ranging from hypoglycemia to cirrhosis Definition of the word cirrhosis or even liver failure.

As you can see and perhaps already know, alcohol has many bad effects on everybody, but when they appear on children, they will be more severe and if the child doesn’t stop drinking, he can have serious and permanent damages later, when he will be an adult.


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