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What Are the Short-Term Effects of Crack Cocaine?

As with any drug, you have side effects of using them. There are some of them who find that these aren’t there for very long. We will refer to them as short-term effects. What are some of them with those who use crack cocaine? We did the investigating, and this is what we have found. You might be surprised as well. Let’s begin with the education, shall we?

There are many short term side effects of crack cocaine that many don’t know about, but now it’s time to educate you about them. What are some of them? you might ask. Well, let’s just jump right in. The first of them is dilated pupils. Something else that you will find is that many who use crack cocaine can make you feel as though you don’t want to eat anything at all. There are others who find that you get wound up and irritable. This is all triggered after the first use.

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There are others as well. When you are under the influence, you find that you have a lot of energy that many don’t know what to do with. They find that sleep is something that they don’t need and can stay up for hours on in. Others find that their ways of thinking are altered greatly, which is also quite common.

The faster you get it into your system, the sooner you will find all these short term feelings. You will also find that the faster you get it into your system, the more intense they will be as well. This is something to keep in mind. What else you need to keep in mind when you absorb it all the faster is that then, these short-term effects are often what we call short-lived.

Let’s look at how often these stay with you as we look at the different methods of using crack cocaine. The first is when you snort the drug. When you snort crack cocaine, you will find that the short-term effects stay with you for only fifteen to thirty minutes. When you smoke crack cocaine, you will find that the short-term effects only last five to ten minutes.

The reasons you feel all these short-term effects are because the crack cocaine goes to the brain. When it leaves, your body craves this and therefore, you need to get yourself more. Many like that feeling that they have when they use crack cocaine. Thus, they like the short-term effects in theory. Once it leaves your system, another short-term effect that you will find with crack cocaine is that you go through what is called a coke crash where you just fall because you are tired and drained. You no longer have the energy that you need to keep going. Many times, you might find that during that time of coke crash, you also feel irritable and depressed. These are the short-term effects of crack cocaine. Alberta's crack cocaine treatment is available for you to get your life back!


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Marcel Gemme has been helping people struggling with addiction for over 19 years. He first started as an intake counselor for a drug rehabilitation center in 2000. During his 5 years as an intake counselor, he helped many addicts get the treatment they needed. He also dealt with the families and friends of those people; he saw first-hand how much strain addiction puts on a family and how it can tear relationships apart. With drug and alcohol problems constantly on the rise in the United States and Canada, he decided to use the Internet as a way to educate and help many more people in both those countries. This was 15 years ago. Since then, Marcel has built two of the largest websites in the U.S. and Canada which reach and help millions of people each year. He is an author and a leader in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. His main focus is threefold: education, prevention and rehabilitation. To this day, he still strives to be at the forefront of technology in order to help more and more people.

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