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What Are the Symptoms of Alcoholism?

Until someone develops a drinking problem, there are many signs and symptoms that someone can see. Remember that alcoholism is a progressive disease, so the symptoms and effects of drinking are becoming more severe over time, as someone drinks more and more. Even after the first usage of alcohol, a person develops some signs of a problem, and these signs progress to symptoms of alcohol abuse. If that person doesn’t stop drinking, the problem that first appeared will become alcoholism or alcohol dependence.

Among the early signs of alcoholism, there is frequent intoxication, a pattern of heavy drinking, as well as drinking in dangerous situations, blacking-out after several drinks or a drastic change in the behavior of the drinker, such as becoming angry or violent.

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These symptoms become more severe as the drinking continues, and the drinker can’t stop drinking, although this has caused several problems in his particular and professional life. When the alcohol abuse turns into alcohol dependence, at least three to seven other symptoms appear, such as neglecting other activities or hobbies he had, excessive drinking, impaired control of alcohol consumption, lots of time and money spent in alcohol-related activities, the need of hiding how much he drank and how much money he spent, persistence of alcohol use and tolerance to alcohol. Another major change is the appearance of withdrawal symptoms every time he doesn’t drink for a little while, and the craving for drinking that is controlling his life.

At this point, it is very hard for an alcoholic to stop drinking, especially if he doesn’t realize until too late how much damage he has produced during his life and what risks are involved. Once he realizes this, he can stop drinking, but it needs lots of support from friends and family.

Resources: http://alcoholism.about.com/od/about/a/symptoms.htm


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