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What Is Alcohol Abuse and Can Alcoholism Be Prevented?

In the simplest form, alcohol abuse is defined as a disease. It is featured by an irregular alcohol drinking pattern where the result is in the form of negative social, educational, medical, work and legal effects on the life of the addicted person. And, in spite of these consequences, an alcoholic person continues to use alcohol. The effects of alcoholism can even consist of domestic violence.

And, the effect of alcoholism in parents can have significant adverse effects on children as well. It has been found that children of alcoholics are more likely to experience high stress, negative feelings, and violent attitude. In addition, kids can develop other negative complications like antisocial behavior and depression.

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As per statistics, alcoholism is affecting as much as 20% men and 10% women in the U.S. it has been found that individuals who fall to alcoholism mostly start to drink in their teen age. And, the symptoms of alcoholism can shift between periods of alcohol abuse and moderation over a long period of time.

Other facts state that alcoholism develops in most people during the age-period 18 to 25 years. And, most of the people who abuse alcohol don’t develop a dependence on the substance. And, the statistics for the European continent clearly indicate that the highest rate of consumption is in the countries that produce wine, and of abstinence is in the Mediterranean nations.

In most of the European countries, the alcoholic drinks of choice for teenagers tend to be in the following order – beer, distilled spirit, and wine.

Given all these facts and statistics, it is important to consider whether it is possible to prevent alcoholism or not?

It has been found in studies that open communication between parents and their teenaged kids regarding alcohol’s negative effects, and also about their considerations about drug use play a significant role in decreasing the chances of alcoholism. It has also been found that a sufficient amount of supervision from parents also helps in preventing alcohol abuse in teenagers. It has also been found in studies that use of alcohol mostly occurs in the time period between 3 and 6 during the day. This is the time when kids are alone at home, and parents have not yet arrived from their work.

It has been suggested by specialists to make teens participate more in extracurricular activities, which helps effectively in preventing the case of alcohol abuse in this age group. Teens should also be taught about effective strategies for managing and coping with stress. It has been found that teenagers who are taught to deal with stress with the use of religion are more able to stay away from alcohol than those who don’t use this path.

It has also been found useful to implement rules related to drinking and driving and limiting availability in the prevention of alcoholism in adolescents and young-aged adults. Alcohol availability can be limited by increasing the cost of the substance and limiting the place and time of alcohol consumption.

Source: http://www.medicinenet.com/alcohol_abuse_and_Alcoholism/page2.htm


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