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What Is Crack Cocaine?

The freebase form of cocaine is commonly called crack cocaine on the streets. It is made by transforming powder cocaine hydrochloride into the smokable form. “Crack” is referred to the crackling sound emitted by the mixture when it is smoked. The hydrochloride part is removed from the crack by treating it with sodium bicarbonate or ammonia along with water, which is then heated.

Since crack is used through the smoking medium, the user would experience a high in just a few seconds. And, it is for this instant ecstatic effect of crack that it grew in popularity during the 80s. A large number of crack cocaine rehab centers starting coming up during this time. Another reason that contributed to its popularity was the inexpensiveness of the process of producing this substance.

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Today crack cocaine abuse is quite common. This is a disorder that features a disruptive way of using cocaine that causes considerable suffering or problems. Cocaine addiction is considered to be a disease involves various complications associated with withdrawal, social, professional or educational life.

A case of crack cocaine abuse can only be diagnosed when a person exhibits a critical pattern of using the drug that causes stress and problems but there are some symptoms that need to be confirmed in order to verify that the person is an addict. The symptoms are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

A person needs to be considered for crack cocaine addiction treatment when he/she starts losing out on fulfilling crucial obligations at home, work or school. The person continues to show persistent use of cocaine even in dangerous situations, and moves in and out of legal complications due to the use.

The crack-cocaine rehab centers in Canada suggest a person be a cocaine addict when he/she continues to use cocaine despite problems in relationships and social circles due to the effects of the drug.

When a person becomes an addict, he/she starts redeveloping tolerance that features a remarkable reduction in the effect of the drug on the person. This causes the user to increase the intake of the drug by a significant amount in order to achieve the old effects of the drug.

Another way to tell an addict is through the development of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be in either psychological form or in a physical form. These signs start showing when individuals stop using crack cocaine. A case of crack cocaine abuse is apparent when a person takes a larger amount of the substance or takes the drug for a longer period than normal. Addiction becomes clear when there is a regular desire for taking the drug or when he/she makes unsuccessful attempts to have control over the use of the drug.

When a person requires a large amount of time in order to use or recover from the effects of crack cocaine, it is a sign that he/she requires crack cocaine Treatment. The person either minimizes participation or stops engaging in leisure, social or professional activities when he/she becomes an addict to the drug. And, the person continues to use the drug despite knowing that he/she is suffering from the continuous problems arising out of its use.

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