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Where Did Alcohol Come From?

Everyone knows about alcohol, alcoholism, alcohol abuse and the risks of alcohol consumption. You hear everywhere how bad is it and how much it affects your body and mind. All these are true, but sometimes you may wonder what is alcohol exactly, where did it come from.

Well, alcohol can be traced back to the beginning of man’s existence. Many historians say that there are documents attesting the consumption of alcohol that go far back as the Biblical days. Basically, alcohol is a brink made from corn, barley, grain, rye or a beverage containing ethyl. It is a clear drink that is absorbed 20% in the stomach and 80% in the small intestine. The absorption time varies depending upon several factors, such as the concentration of alcohol, the type of drink and the emptiness or fullness of your stomach. The concentration of alcohol into the blood can rise up to 20 minutes after drinking. The alcohol absorbed leaves the body in three ways: kidneys, lungs, and liver.

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Every alcoholic drink is made differently. For example, beer and wine are called fermented beverages, and they are created by adding yeast to a substance that has sugar. The yeast begins the formation process, turning sugar into ethyl and carbon dioxide gas. Beer is made from barley malt.

So alcohol is a chemical substance that can be created artificially in some labs or naturally through fermentation. Obviously, it was discovered a long time ago, when people were making wine from grapes. The sugar from the fruits or the one added by people was turned into ethyl and carbon dioxide gas. The pure alcohol as we know it is called ethyl, and it can now be bought, with a high concentration, about 90%, to use it when making some alcoholic drinks at home.


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