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How Are Women Affected Differently by Alcohol?

The relationship between a woman and alcohol is a complicated one. First of all, the distinction should be made between “second hand” alcohol and direct experience of alcohol. Once this distinction has been made, more can be deduced and considered on the issue, and resolutions to problems can be decided upon according to circumstance.

In the first case, of “second hand” alcohol, we are of course speaking of alcohol-related abuse. As most people know, abuse is not something that happens over one night or in a short period of time. Rather, it is something that progresses over a long period of time, sometimes months and sometimes even years, where the degrees of violence and the amount of alcohol involved progressively increase. In the majority of situations, it is recommended that women in such situations seek professional help immediately, whether through their family doctor, the police, or someone else they feel comfortable speaking with. In all cases of abuse involving alcohol, the woman involved (if she is the abused person) should be treated patiently and respectfully – she is not the problem in this situation.

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In the second case of direct experience of alcohol, we are referring to the personal use of alcohol by women, and this situation can be just as devastating as abuse in the right situations. Alcohol is an addictive substance and should not be consumed without constraint or without consideration for the amount of alcohol consumed. In addition, women who drink should be aware of the social aspect of drinking – a drunken woman is a target for predators, especially when out at a bar or club. Women who drink socially should always designate a friend who will not drink that evening. This will help ensure the safety of everyone, thereby guaranteeing future evenings of good-natured fun and entertainment.

The relationship between women and alcohol can be approached from various viewpoints, but in the end, it is basically of the same nature as that of men: alcohol is a substance intended to be ingested in small controlled quantities by mature adults. It should not be abused. If you or someone you know is or has ever been abused by someone under the influence of alcohol, it is your duty to report the incident to the proper authorities. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction to alcohol in any form, it is recommended that you suggest avenues of help to this person immediately. Attending an alcohol treatment in Canada is sometimes the best solution.

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