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Drug And Alcohol Interventionist Services In Yukon

Addiction and other substance abuse issues will affect people differently; the whole experience will change his or her life. Because of this, it may be difficult for the family to approach their loved one and broach the topic of getting help. Typically once an addict hears this, they will ultimately become defensive and attempt to play things off that it is not that bad, and they have it under control. This will continue and will begin to tear a family apart as the family will not know what to do and will not know where to look for help. If the addiction continues like this and the addict continually refuses help, the family will have to conduct an intervention.

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Are there different intervention options available?

Yes, there are some unique approaches with intervention, and each intervention organization operates differently in some way, but many utilize similar approaches. Each intervention will ultimately be different, but some standard and unique methods can be applied to help an addict get the help they need. Some of the approaches include the following:

  • Simple and small interventions – this would include just a few immediate family members or very close friends, and would not be staged as a massive intervention. In some cases, it may only take one person talking to the addict, which may be all the addict needs to see is the importance of getting help. One-on-one or small-group intervention can be very successful.
  • The traditional intervention – this process is done with an intervention group who will plan the intervention with the family, educate the family, and take every step necessary to get the addict to go to drug rehab.
  • Multiple person's interventions – there are situations where there is more than one person who needs an intervention. For example, a couple who are using drugs with each other, siblings using drugs together, or a parent and child. The goal of this intervention is to get both to commit to treatment, and at least convince one to go so as the other can follow and attend a different facility.
  • Emergency interventions – there are circumstances where a tragic or life-changing event takes place that immediately puts the addiction into perspective. This does not permit time to organize an intervention, but rather immediately tell the addict; they need help to stabilize the situation and ensure it does not happen again.

Will drug treatment work if they are forced to go?

Yes, drug and alcohol rehabilitation can work when they are forced to get help, and this is because an addict does not have to be 100% willing, but rather open to change. It only will take some small changes for the addict to become convinced that sobriety is possible. Interventionists do not force the addict to go to treatment, but rather bring them to a point of understanding about how their addiction has been affecting the people around them, and also his or her individual life.

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